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The zombie apocalypse has happened and you are in the center of a dead city. Military rescue awaits you at the edge of town, but can you escape?

Created for the /r/Vive 2016 Summer's End Game Jam, Dead Center is a game that experiments with Twin Stick shooting controls and cheap procedural city for the HTC Vive.

All source scripts are included with the Zip file, along with the executable.

Let me know what you think! Thanks for playing.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the folder and run the EXE.


DeadCenter.zip 78 MB


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Pretty fun!

Wow, very impressive game and the one I played the longest of all games in the jam so far. Does indeed take some time to get used to the controls and aiming is quite hard but very nice game.... Add to that that the town is procedurally generated and its very impressive, hope you continue your work on it!

Take your time to get used to the controls, face the direction you are traveling, and have fun!